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What is Irostone?

Irostone is a classic and authentic furniture brand that was created to design and produce mainly handmade furnitures from natural resources that people adore. Our brand's name is derived from natural products;  the iron and the natural stone. We design our products with great passion and care, making sure that each piece is created at the highest standard and with a unique look and final finishes. All small details are examined carefully from the crude materials to the final stages of production, making sure that our materials are provided from  licensed and environmentally friendly sources. The Irostone brand uses the best natural materials which will guarantee that each unique piece will always retain its original strength and beauty and that it will be enjoyed for many years to come. Irostone Furniture is a brand that will provide customers with the most pleasurable experience possible in obtaining the precise and the most beautiful piece of handmade furniture they desire, this is our promise.

Irostone series of furniture

Welcome to Irostone, the top UK producer of handcrafted luxury carpets and luxury furniture. Our entire line of luxury furniture is handcrafted and completely made from strong and high quality materials and our designers are always working to bring you luxurious and unique products.

We are committed to excellent lead times and high craftsmanship.

The Irostone brands, which come in a broad spectrum of designs from minimalist to baroque, are perfect for adding a touch of classic elegance to modern settings.
These furnishings will look stunning when matched with some of our renowned pieces of extravagant carpets and are equally as useful.

Coffee & Side Table Collection

With our chic range of furniture, you can unwind in style.
Our distinctive assortment offers a wide variety of looks, from trendy and modern to elaborate and historic. Each Irostone furniture piece is crafted from the highest-grade components and is intended to complement a luxurious lifestyle.
Our furniture pieces create gorgeous centerpieces and go well with a lot of the carpets in our collection. They may be used for both exhibition and practical purposes.

Coffee Table

Consoles Table with Mirror

Center Table


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